Choosing Public French-Language Education in Ontario: It's TRULY more!

Join us in this enriching educational adventure and discover what our schools have to offer!

Education that is TRULY more!

Discover why more and more parents are choosing French-language public schools for their children.

With an average growth rate twenty-five times higher than the other three school systems since our inception in 1998, and the highest scores on provincial tests, our system is TRULY recognized as the right choice.

Public schools in Ontario offer exceptional teaching quality and a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. Most importantly, we celebrate diversity and promote inclusion, innovation, and kindness.

Public schools embody contemporary values that shape empathetic, engaged, and bilingual individuals—citizens of the world!

Excerpt from the report “Ontario School Boards: Enrollments, Finances, and Student Outcomes,” published on December 12, 2023, by the Ontario Financial Accountability Office.

Discover our schools: French public education, it's TRULY more!

We are delighted to offer you a network of over 153 French-language elementary and secondary schools spread across all regions of Ontario. Whether you reside in the north, south, east or west,  our presence is well established and ready to welcome you. Discover the school nearest to you and join our dynamic community today!


2445 St-Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6C3
613 742 8960

School Board Area

Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario has schools from Trenton to Hawkesbury, passing through Ottawa in Eastern Ontario.



820 Lakeshore Promenade, North Bay, Ontario P1B 9T5
705 472 3343

School Board Area

Conseil scolaire public du Nord Est has schools in the communities of Timmins, Iroquois Falls, Kapuskasing, Hearst, Temiskaming Shores, Sturgeon Falls, North Bay, and Parry Sound.


296, Van Horne Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3B 1H9
705 671 1533

School Board Area

Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord covers the communities of Markstay, Noëlville, Sudbury, Elliot Lake, Blind River, Sault-Sainte-Marie, Wawa, Dubreuilville, Marathon, Manitouwadge, Longlac, and Thunder Bay.


116, Cornelius Parkway, Toronto, Ontario M6L 2K5
877 342-3683

School Board Area

Conseil scolaire Viamonde  extends from west to east from Windsor to Trenton, and from north to south from Penetanguishene to the Niagara region.


281 Lanark Avenue, Ottawa ON K1Z 6R8

School Board Area

Consortium Centre Jules-Léger is a French-speaking provincial institution  providing specialized education for children (preschool, elementary, and secondary) with severe learning disabilities, who are deaf or hard of hearing, who are blind or have low vision, or who are deafblind.

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We are francophones!

Public schooling in Ontario transcends its traditional role as a French-language learning institution. It embodies a dynamic community, proud of its cultural and linguistic diversity, where young people can flourish at their own pace to achieve their personal and collective goals.

TRULY MORE than just a place of study, public schools become a way of life. It’s an environment where learning intertwines with daily life, where students are encouraged to explore, create, and express themselves.

Join our dynamic school community and discover how public schooling in Ontario can TRULY become more than just an educational institution. French-language schooling in Ontario is a highly enriching life experience for your child.

Let’s celebrate diversity: Together, TRULY more for our community!

In our schools, we welcome with fairness and respect all students, regardless of their religious beliefs, cultural background, or social situation. Just as Canada draws strength from its diversity, our schools reflect this diversity.

We believe in an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and respected. It is in this environment that young people fully realize their potential. We are proud to cultivate this diversity that enriches our educational community and helps shape open-minded and empathetic citizens of the world.

Opening new horizons: Our inspiring vision for education is TRULY more!

Our schools fully embrace technological and pedagogical modernity. By integrating cutting-edge computing resources and adopting innovative teaching strategies, we offer our students an undeniable advantage for their future.

We are confident that our students will be ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, as we actively prepare them to take their place. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our students develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing society.

Towards excellence: our unwavering commitment is TRULY more!

The strength of our school network lies in its inclusive and innovative nature. Our educational and social mission is a source of inspiration for all who are part of it.

This inspiration is reflected in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our schools, in the unwavering dedication of our staff, and in the positive and engaged attitude of our students. By creating an environment where every student feels valued and respected, we foster a climate conducive to learning and personal growth.


439 University Avenue, Office 800
Toronto Ontario M5G 1Y8

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The Association des conseils scolaires des écoles publiques de l’Ontario (ACÉPO) represents all French-language public school boards in Ontario and the Consortium Centre Jules-Léger. It assists its members in ensuring the sustainable development and vitality of the French-language public education system in Ontario.