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More and more parents choose public French-language schools for their children. Why? Because they’re aware of the benefits: quality education, excellent academic results, innovative methods, respect for diversity and open-minded attitudes. That’s what makes them better by far!

Ontario’s public French-language schools are welcoming and inclusive. They support every student, respect all religious beliefs, and embrace cultural and social diversity. They embody contemporary values that foster empathy, commitment and bilingualism. They are home to the citizens of tomorrow… citizens of the world!

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We proudly offer you more than 140 elementary and secondary public French-language schools firmly established in all regions of Ontario.

From Toronto to Hearst, from Ottawa to Sudbury, from Windsor to Longlac, French schools offer so much more! Find one that’s near you.


820 Lakeshore Promenade, North Bay, Ontario P1B 9T5
705 472 3343

School Board Area

Timmins, Iroquois Falls, Kapuskasing, Hearst, Temiskaming Shores, Sturgeon Falls, North Bay and Parry Sound.


296, Van Horne Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3B 1H9
705 671 1533

School Board Area

Markstay, Noëlville, the Greater Sudbury, Elliot Lake, Blind River, Sault-Sainte-Marie, Wawa, Dubreuilville, Marathon, Manitouwadge and Longlac.


116, Cornelius Parkway, Toronto, Ontario M6L 2K5
877 342-3683

School Board Area

Stretches West to East from Windsor to Trenton and North to South from Penetanguishene to the Niagara region.


2445 St-Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6C3
613 742 8960

School Board Area

From Trenton to Hawkesbury via Ottawa and eastern Ontario.


281 Lanark Avenue, Ottawa ON K1Z 6R8

School Board Area

French-speaking provincial institution offering specialized education for children (preschool, elementary and secondary) with severe learning disabilities or who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or low vision, or deaf-blind.

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French lives here

Public French-language schools are much more than a learning environment where the language of communication is French. It’s a vibrant community where a rich and diverse culture is proudly expressed in French, and young people develop at their own pace to reach their full potential. Public French-language schools are a way of life.

We celebrate diversity

Our schools welcome students of all religious faiths, and cultural and social backgrounds in a spirit of equality. Canada draws strength from its diversity. Our schools reflect that spirit. It’s what the young people of today want to experience. We know it, and we believe in it.

We are visionaries

Our schools embrace modern technology and modern educational methods. Our computer resources and teaching strategies give our students an edge. Their place awaits them in the world of tomorrow. Our sense of innovation ensures it.

We strive for excellence

Because our schools are inclusive and innovative, our school network is stronger. Our educational and social mission is inspiring. You can sense it in the atmosphere of our schools, the devotion of our teachers and the attitude of our students.


439 University Avenue, Office 800
Toronto Ontario M5G 1Y8

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